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As the economy waxes and wanes from recession to growth, from boom to bust, top executives cash out merrily with multi-million dollar paydays while the average worker gets the shaft.

Everyone has their own reasons and, ultimately, their own motivations for hanging out a shingle and calling themselves CEO…and accountant, janitor, and secretary. But the top 3 reasons you need a home business are universal.

1. You set your own hours for the rest of your life. You’ll never again need to wake up to that screaming alarm clock, telling you it’s time to rip yourself from under the warm covers, shower, shave, and shovel the car out from under the snow. That morning commute is over, along with dressing up and kissing up.

2. Good-bye wages. Hello prices. This is probably the most profound reason to stake out on your own. When you begin to set prices for your projects, your work potentially becomes scalable. That just means you can eventually hire others or even leverage technology to take care of the smaller stuff, freeing you up for big projects or bigger ideas—and the biggest money. Either way, you sever that unholy umbilical cord between money and time.

3. You’ll never be fired or laid off again. There’s greater job security when you hire yourself, but the greatest job security is when you create a business that can’t be fired and that works in your stead. First things first: hire yourself and be a great employee. You’ve already learned how to seem indispensable and impress the bigwigs at the office, now labor to satisfy the most relentless and discerning taskmaster you’ll ever have: You.

As options to have a home business have increased over the years, there is no reason any longer to rely on the kindness of cubicle strangers for your daily bread. Technology has made it possible for you to set your own hours, decide your own productivity, and never fear the pettiness of politics, either in that office or Washington, D.C.

The simple fact is that when the economy tanks, small businesses thrive, and your home business becomes what it always was—your means to forever divorce your livelihood from the headlines.

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